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Financial Statement Audit

Our firm’s Audit services transcribe personal requirements and design its audit plan to focus on the business areas that are most important to your financial statements. Our principal approach to the financial audit will be “Auditing Performance”. Our responsibility is not to only check compliance with the accounting standards you use, but also to help provide reasonable assurance that the board and management report fairly on the performance of their organization, in a simplified way so that the shareholders can understand it.



Corporate and personal tax compliance, tax planning and consulting, cross border structuring of investments and transactions for maximum tax efficiency, value-added goods and services tax planning and compliance, review, and development of effective profit repatriation strategies. We understand the interaction of tax laws internationally. Unnecessary tax penalties and levies can be avoided if transactions are appropriately structured. At the same time, tax exposure can be significantly reduced; generating savings that could not be easily achieved by organizations operating solely within one country


Assurance Services

At TAC, we provide our clients with independent and professional opinions that help improve the quality of information, by giving assurance about its’ reliability, increase its relevance, or making it easier to use and understand, for our client’s decision-maker opportunities, but in modifying risks as well. Our Assurance services are designed to be customer-specific depending on specific risks to help with the decision-making process.


Internal Audit Service

Our Internal Audit Service provides the management, boards and shareholders of the company with:

  • Effective and efficient operations;
  • Safeguarding of assets;
  • Evaluating controls;
  • Compliance with laws, regulations. Policies and procedures;
  • All elements of risk management and internal control framework;
  • Reliability and integrity of reporting process;
  • Assist with channeling effective solutions for controls improvement.


Financial Advisory Service

We create accurate Financial Statements, in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. TAC may help in analyzing your assets, income, and spending in order to give you a clearer view of your financial status. This can be completed either on an individual basis (retirement planning or investment planning), or on the business level (preparation of pension plans and business investments)


Forensic & Due Diligent Service

In certain cases, legal action may be required to be taken against a third party (e.g. breach of contract with a client, supplier, etc.) or in defense against a legal claim brought by another party. We can help in quantifying the damages that results from the proceedings, as well as produce the necessary documentation for the judicial proceeding.


Feasibility & Business Management

Feasibility Studies Economic feasibility studies are conducted to determine competition and markets, products and services SWOT analysis, etc. Business Management System Company Formation and Setup, Agency/Franchise Arrangement, Toral Quality Management System, Balanced Score Card and Training, etc.


Payroll Service

A professional payroll service provider includes calculating all payroll elements: basic salary, allowances, employee income tax, and social security. Processing in -house payroll for all businesses can be a hassle, it can also be both a challenging and time- consuming routine. Many of our clients have found sense in outsourcing the job and use TAC payroll services and make use of our extensive experiences and global knowledge with compliance work. In our experience, the biggest benefits for using a third-party payroll service are:

  • Saving time and money
  • Protecting against tax penalties
  • Reducing costs
  • More Specifically, our payroll service includes:
  • Calculate and process a timely payroll for all your employees in line with Jordanian laws and IFRC procedures.
  • Send the payslips to the employees.
  • If necessary and after receiving the finds from the Client, pay the contribution to the authorities and third parties.
  • Inform the client with any relevant changes to the tax and social security legislation in Jordan.
  • Provide the client with updates and recommendations about taxes and methods of paying in tax-effective ways.
  • Prepare and submit the annual employee's report to the income tax department in the appropriate format and as necessary

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